Ophthalmic Range Pharma Franchise

Opthalmic Range Pharma Franchise

Ophthalmic Range Franchise demand is increasing day after day as the market of Ophthalmic Products are increasing the market size is growing in double-digit and PCD Pharma Distributors having good links with doctors practicing in Ophthalmic or Eye Care is…

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Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Companies

Third party Manufacturing Pharma Companies

Pharma Manufacturing Units need to establish a Company in order to apply for the manufacturing license and then after establishing the Unit which takes lots of Hard work and Planning to set up a unit reaches to a…

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Derma Products Franchise – PharmaBizConnect

Derma products franchise companies

Dermatology is a segment that is far growing and it can be established by the fact that there are many Doctors who are opting to do their specialization in Dermatology. The general population is becoming quite sensitive to…

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Gynae Products Franchise – PharmaBizConnect


The Gynae segment is a most promising segment in Pharma Formulation therapies which is growing in double-figure if one has thought of procuring Gynae Products Franchise I feel he is on the right track as it’s a growing…

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How to start Own Pharma Franchise Business?


To start a Pharma Franchise the most important criteria is that you should have Exposure in Pharma Space, as this is an advisory selling wherein you have to convince the advisor in this case is Doctors to recommend…

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PCD Pharma Franchise Monopoly Basis – PharmaBizConnect


The difference between PCD Pharma or Pharma Franchise and Pharma Generic Business is only that Pharma generic is not on Monopoly basis were as PCD Pharma Franchise is on Monopoly basis. The reason why PCD Pharma is given…

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Pharma Franchise Opportunities in India


Let’s understand what is Franchise Business? Franchise Business is an concept that the established Company in order to expand fast in areas where it doesn’t wish to do business of its own would like to part away with…

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PCD Pharma Franchise Business Model

PCD Pharma Business Model

PCD Pharma is a business model which is different from conventional Pharma Sales model wherein the Pharma Marketing Company hire Pharma Sales Executives to promote their products to Doctors, the Patients takes the prescription to Chemist who stores…

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Monopoly Pharma Franchise


Monopoly Pharma Franchise is an concept wherein a Pharma Franchise company gives Pharma PCD to Pharma PCD Distributor on monopoly basis in his defined District so as he is able to enjoy the benefits of his time, energy…

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Which is a Best Pharma Franchise Company in India?

Which is a Best Pharma Franchise Company in India

There cannot be any defined criteria to Identify the best Pharma Franchise Company in India, neither it can be judged by the prize bestowed on them, but yes there are some parameters that should be kept in mind…

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