How to Increase the Sales of your own a PCD Business?

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There is a number of ways that you can increase the sales of your own PCD Pharma Business:

  1. To increase the sales the first thing that you can do is that to expand Geographically for which you need to have business inquiries from across the country and the same can be done by registering your business on this is a platform that can help you to be visible all across the country and thereby generate inquiries.
  2. You can add a number of Products in your portfolio in the same category and add SKU’s to the existing products.
  3. Explore new Category or specialization so as you can satisfy more and new customers. Think of moving out or adding specialty like Cardiac, Diabetic, Gyneac, Ophthal, Neuro or Psychiatric product range.
  4. Think innovatively the new marketing strategy so as the PCD Distributors are more equipped.
  5. You can provide a Training programme for your business partners so as they are more confident in the Doctors chamber.
  6. Provide more sales promotion inputs that can improve your market presence.

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