Pharma Franchise in Diabetic Range

Pharma Franchise in Diabetic Range

 Indian Scenario:

As most of the Indian youth are aping the west, lifestyle disease are catching up in India and in that Cardiac Diabetic Diseases are rampant. Sedentary lifestyle, stress and parental and colleague expectations have resulted in this.

 Pharma Franchise in Diabetic Range

Cardiac Diabetic products in Pharma Industry are amongst fastest growing, meaning that the usage of these products by the doctors is increasing and more and more Indians are falling for this disease, not only that the age of patients suffering from these disease is also reducing fast, nowadays you keep on reading that patient as young as 26 or 30 have suffered a heart attack.

Benefits of Pharma Franchise in Diabetic Range:

From the perspective of Pharma Industry and Product which has to be consumed for long duration of time results in more profits for the company and bigger brand recall and equity.

Diabetic range of products qualifies perfectly in this segment, patients have to take it for life long and moreover patients get very easily attached to the drugs its shape, size color, and company and they refuse to take any other substitute as they have concluded that it’s with the product in hand that they get good results, so they tend to continue with the same products. You must have seen pharma companies seldom change their packing and color of its product the reason is this that the patients are mentally attached to the products they consume. Any product which is used for the long term will defiantly add to the profits so it’s advisable that if any PCD distributor doesn’t have cardiac diabetic products in their portfolio they should think of adding the same ASAP.

Companies Giving Pharma Franchise in Diabetic Range:

There are many companies but few names which qualify to be mentioned are JV Healthcare, Arlak Biotech, Spark bless pharma, Xenon Pharma, Vellinton Healthcare, Xanocia Lifecare, Nexkem Pharmaceuticals(P)LTD, Zylig Life sciences, Daxia Healthcare and many more


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