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PCD Pharma

PCD Pharma is an Innovative business model which is operational throughout the country in a very successful manner. It has created its own space in Pharma world and is giving run for its money to establish players. Pharma Franchise that comes under SME sector has given many lives an opportunity to either become an entrepreneur or successful marketer.

On the one side you have Pharma Franchise companies that sells its range of product through Channel sales i.e. by appointing PCD Pharma distributors those in turn stores and sells their products, in this case branded pharma formulations.

On the other hand are Pharma PCD distributors who picks up the Pharma Franchise of the company and utilizing its resource, sells the products in pre determined market.

Benefits of PCD Pharma / Pharma PCD companies:

1. No In-house Marketing network required.

2. No issues of head counts

3. All India Presence in shortest possible time.

4. No restrictions for New product introduction or new divisions.

5. Readily available Market.

Benefits of PCD Pharma Distributors:

1. Low Investment, High return Business.

2. No Hassel of managing or producing pharmaceutics.

3. Focused Marketing approach, with better skill utilization.

4. Basket of products to choose from.

5. Support of all Marketing tools etc

How to open Pharma PCD Companies?

1. Register proprietor, partnership, LLP or Private Limited Company.

2. Apply for Drug License and GSTN

3. Plan Product Range, Inputs, Brand Names(Trade Names) Marketing Strategy.

4. Identify Third Party Contract manufacturer who will manufacture your brands in your Trade name, take help of to reach out to Pharma Manufacturer.

5. Appoint a Team of Sales representative who can reach out to Pcd Pharma Distributor and bring them onboard.

How to Open PCD Pharma Distribution?

1. Register proprietor, partnership, LLP or Private Limited Company.

2. Apply for Drug License and GSTN.

3. Plan a list of Customers and find out their products of Interest.

4. Plan the product Range.

5. Identify Pharma PCD Companies PharmaBizConnect can help you reaching out to top Pharma PCD companies.

Parameters of section of right PCD Pharma Companies and Third Party Pharma Contract Manufacturer?

1. Company that believes in Quality of Product.

2. Company that has robust Customer service record.

3. Company that adheres to timelines.

4. Company with Good Range.

5. Company that believes in Long term association rather than short term goals.

Success Mantra of PCD Pharma business.

1. Sell Medicines that you can self consume or can give to your children.

2. Don’t go in for short cuts.

3. Provide best customer service experience.

4. Have transparent business dealings, adhere to regulations.

5. Ready to face failures.