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CoEnzyme Q10 combination

METARISE-Q10 contains CoEnzyme -Q10 , Omega 3 fatty acids containing EPA and DHA , L-Arginine and Selenium . CoEnzymE Q10 is a substance similar to a vitamin . It is found in every cell of the body , and is responsible for proper functioning of many organs in the body . It helps in the production of energy , which increases immunity as well as potency . METARISE-Q10 soft gel capsules are widely used in Cardivascular Diseases , Low immunity , Fatigue /Weakness , Fertility problems in males and females , Neurological disorders ,Sexual Health

Brand Name METARISE-Q10
Pack Specification 10X1X10
Shipper 1X30
Unit BOX
MRP 5300
CoEnzyme Q10 combination

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