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Aspinmed - Multiband Ligator

Aspinmed Multiband Ligators, coming under medical device category, which indicates for the ligation of gastro-esohageal varices and hemorrhoids. One multiband ligator consists of a single barrel {fusing form of soft adaptor (Pvc) Hard adaptor (PC)}, loaded with 6/7 bands (made up natural latex), a pulling catheter, PP Tube and handle. In which one band loaded as penultimate band for the identification of surgeon during endoscopical procedure.

Brand Name Aspinmed -Multiband ligator
Pack Specification One barrel, 6 or 7 latex bands, PP tube, pulling catheter, Handle
Shipper Aspinwall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Unit 1 unit per pack
MRP 6600
Aspinmed - Multiband Ligator

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