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Greetings from MADREN Healthcare !!

The purpose is to inform you about our company and how we both can associate with each other in Health & Personal Care Products Business.

MADREN mission & objective is to build sound business franchises across India & to cater both wholesale and retail segments, and to achieve healthy growth in sales, profitability & customer service in healthcare segment.

MADREN is committed to maintain the highest level of Transparency, Integrity, Ethics & Sustainability.

MADREN business philosophy is based on three core values: Leadership, Customer Centric, Passion.

MADREN vision is to improve the quality of life by making healthcare & Wellness products available nationally & internationally in tune to maintains high quality products..

We would also like to inform you that MADRAN GROUP has relished a 10 years legacy (in Manufacturing 40 years) of progress, backing significantly to Healthcare through its extensive variety of Ayurvedic /Herbal preparations. We bring decades of expertise and a lot more insight into our Healthcare venture.

Furthermore we have attached our Company’s Profile and Products Catalog for your reference.

Looking forward for your positive response.

For Business agreement (Super stockiest ship), if you have query then feel free to contact us on Email​​​​ at


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