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  • What are the main objectives of Pharma Biz Connect?

    Pharma Biz Connect’s main objective is to provide a platform through Online Pharma Exhibition to multiple Service Providers (Exhibitors) so as they can get additional Biz Connects in Pharma Space as Service Seekers (visitors), and Service seekers can get Service Providers, so as both can achieve their dream to Launch, Expand and Establish their Pharma Biz.

  • How soon the Online Pharma Exhibition will be repeated?

    Pharma Exhibition will be visible online throughout the year, however new exhibitors will keep on joining the exhibition by registering themselves, hence its recommended that one can visit repeatedly to select the BEST.

  • What are the benefits for the visitors?

    Pharma Biz Connect exhibits under one roof formula, the best Manufacturers, Franchisors, Consultants and Vendors and other Pharma Service Providers, who showcase their exhibits which would cater to varied needs of Service Seekers like Pharma Professionals, Startup Professionals, Entrepreneur and Enterprise to Launch, Expand and Establish their Pharma Biz.

  • How do I enter the Pharma Exhibition?

    To enter the Pharma Exhibition you have to click on “Visitor Free Entry”, you will be guided to the reception were you will be greeted on that greeting page you will find visit the exhibition button, click there and enter the exhibition free of cost.

  • Is there any charges for the Visitor to enter the Exhibition?

    Its free of cost no entry tickets.

  • I am looking for multiple Exhibitors, how do I reach them?

    Through “SEARCH EXHIBITOR” link on the top left corner of Pavilion, the visitor can visit, search and select multiple exhibitor depending on his need.

  • How do I segregate multiple Exhibitors?

    In order to save precious time of visitors to search for specific exhibitor, we have specially designed “Search Exhibitor” link through which visitor can reach specific exhibitors registered in different zones.

  • Can I communicate directly with Exhibitors?


  • I have a very specific product or service need, how do I find Relevant Exhibitors?

    On the search page after entering through SEARCH EXHIBITOR click on BEST LEAD link, type your specific need and Exhibitors satisfying your need would connect you.

  • Who all can be Exhibitors?

    Exhibitors like Manufacturers/TPCM, Franchisor/PCD, Company formation/DL Consultants, Trade mark/ ISO consultant, Gift Vendors, Art workshop, Distributors, CFA’s, Placement Consultants, Marketing consultants, Trainers and other Service Provider can exhibit their company and services to get additional Business Connects thereby, satisfy their need to Launch, Expand and Establish their Pharma Biz.

  • How do I register as an Exhibitor?

    To register as Exhibitor all what you need to do is to click on Book Free Exhibit on the home page fill the exhibitor free registration form and submit, you will receive SMS and Mail giving details of your Exhibit code, input the same on Exhibitor login section, don’t forget to check Remember me, this way you will not be filling your exhibit code again and again.

  • What are the benefits of the exhibitors?

    Exhibitors can expect genuine visitors as Business Connects, who need their services to further their ambition to Launch, Expand and Establish their own Pharma Biz and in return the Exhibitor can expect:

    1. Increase Revenue. 2. New business opportunity. 3. Global penetration. 4. Improve visibility. 5. Effective branding.

  • Can you define free exhibit?

    Exhibitors can register their company’s details for free, giving information about their company or services, putting across the highlighters which then can attract visitors to their exhibit, thus generating enquiries that can be dealt directly by their marketing team.

  • I want to maximize the visitors to my Exhibit.

    In order to attract maximum eyeballs to your exhibit/ stall you are requested to kindly visit our “Advertise With Us” section given on the footer of home page or in Contact Us section, you can also contact our sales team details in Contact Us section.

  • How do I advertise on “ONLINE PHARMA EXHIBITION”?

    Visit Advertise section, choose the best advertising strategy for you Biz, login your details in the adjacent form and submit, our sales team will contact you with the solutions.

  • How can I edit my details as an exhibitor?

    On the home page there is Exhibitor’s Login link, click it, in the Exhibitor Area you have to input your exhibit code (sent to you during the process of registration) in the space provided and then click on Edit Profile link given below. You can edit your details and submit.

  • Can exhibitor visit the Online Pharma Exhibition?

    Yes, the exhibitor can visit the Exhibition as free visitor.

  • I have forgotten my exhibit code?

    On the home page there is Exhibitor’s Login link, click it, in the Exhibitor Area click on Forgot Exhibit Code link given on the right side enter your registered personal mobile no or E. Mail Id and submit, you will receive an SMS or mail giving details of your Exhibit Code.

  • What happens to my personal information.

    We respect the privacy of our Visitors and their personal details are kept confidential, kindly read Privacy Policy.